Welcome to the MemberMouse Community: From Eric Turnnessen

This week we're introducing something very cool. It's the new MemberMouse community.

I'm really excited to introduce the MemberMouse community for several reasons.

First, it supports the philosophy that we've held for the last 4 years, which is to listen to how our customers use the software. It's important to us that we understand your needs and incorporate that into our development because over time, this allows us to make sure we're creating the best software that we possibly can for your business.

In this community, we'll be posting all the features we have planned, and you can request features and vote on existing feature ideas that you want to see in the plugin. As a team we'll review this information to inform our decision as to what gets into the platform and when.

Secondly, we have customers who are just as knowledgeable about the MemberMouse platform as our support staff. Our platform is popular with developers, and we'd like to open up the community so that everyone can share how they're using MemberMouse to grow their businesses.

So now, with the General Discussion forum, there is a place where you can come together, share best practices, success stories, and give everyone an opportunity to go outside of the support we can provide. Please keep in mind that this forum is not an "official channel" of customer support. It is to be considered an ancillary channel of support, where you may get help from other users, but that help is not guaranteed. If you need technical assistance, please submit a ticket through our support center.

Another reason I'm excited about the MemberMouse community, is that it will allow us to see in greater detail how our customers are using the platform and that knowledge will allow us to continue to improve the best WordPress membership plugin on the market today.

Thanks again for stopping by, and I look forward to speaking with you on the forum!

Eric Turnnessen
Answer This is great. As a very new user of Membermouse the one thing I was disappointed about was that I did not see any obvious forums where users could discuss applications of the product etc. Thanks for establishing this!!
I"m also a relatively new user, so very happy to see the forum. I've found the support line very helpful but I'm in Australia so when I'm up and working you guys re sleeping :) Sometimes it can take several days of 12-hour turnaround emails to resolve simple things. I'm hopeful the forum can help with that - I'm sure that as I solve my problems I can help others solve theirs.

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