Hiding MM Core pages from non-members on the menu

How can I hide a menu linked to a MM core page ? I want to have the "member account" page and "member home page" menu items to be hidden when someone is not logged in.



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It's possible to use SmartTags to show/hide menu navigation labels. For example:
[MM_Member_Decision isMember='true']My Account[/MM_Member_Decision]

You may want to use an additional plugin to show/hide menu items based on whether or not a page is being viewed by a logged in WordPress user.


Thank you, Ed Welsh. I'd like to do this too. I'm not sure I'm doing what you are asking correctly. 

In my menu options there is an optional box where I can enter CSS classes. Should pasting the exact text you used above in that box suffice (so far it isn't working for me)? Or do I need to add more specific words into the css command? 

I'm sorry if this is a silly question, but I have no training in website development. 

Thank you for any additional help you can provide. 


Hi Danielle,
You'll want to paste the SmartTags into the "Navigation Label" field instead of the CSS Classes field. Note that this approach is only going to hide the nav label from the menu - there will still be a clickable space where the label would have been.


Gotcha. Ok. Thanks so much for your time!

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