Onetime payment and subscription 30 days later...?

Hi there... if anyone could help me.

I would like to set up a course (I have the course already) at $47 dollars on Month 1 and then with a $20 a month starting Month 2 and on...this not be an up-sell but inherent in the purchase unless they cancel.

Any ideas?


You could treat it like a trial. $47 for 30 days as the trial then the actual price will be $20 per month since the $47 is actually only happening once. 

You would not have to market it as a trial but in order to accomplish what you are asking, it would simplify the process. Just make sure to put that the cost is $47 for month 1 and then will be priced at $20 per month until cancelled or upgraded. 


Yes, this is correct. When you want to create a subscription that includes a one-time fee you will select the 'paid trial' option when configuring the product. If you do not want to advertise this as a trial, you will remove the SmartTag that automatically outputs the Price Description on the checkout form, [MM_Form_Data name='productPriceDescription'], and replace it with your own description. 

Keep in mind that this is now technically a custom checkout page, designed to only sell this specific product. To ensure that only customers wishing to purchase this one-time fee product are directed here, you will follow the steps in this article:  Create a Custom Checkout Page

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