Member Mouse Content Restrictions not working with Divi WP Theme

We just applied the divi theme to our site and the page restrictions are not working.  Any suggestions on how to get around this?

I'd be interested in the answer to this as well.

Many sites are using MM along with the Divi theme. We would be happy to open a support ticket if you can provide more information. Can you confirm what you mean by "page restrictions are not working?" Are you referring to the Grant Access button? What happens when you are trying to use this feature. Screenshots are always appreciated. 


Many of us are DIYers and it would be very helpful if these sorts of issues were discussed openly so we could resolve them oursleves. 

I have a ticket open, but here's my issue... 

When I use the following on a page, wether in a self contained DIVI module, or in seperate code modules, it makes the entire page vanish (stuff within the code or not) and does not display no matter what. It also crashes the admin menu...

[MM_Member_Decision membershipId='1|2|3']




Any help would be appreciated. 


Try adding an isMember="true" in the Decision tag.

I have this fully functioning in Divi.

I am using it in the header with a PHP wrapper to write a top menu for specific membership levels.

[MM_Member_Decision isMember="true" membershipId='1|2|3']



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