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I am using Mailchimp and MemberMouse is auto adding members to my mailing list, I would prefer it to be double opt-in, how can I set this?

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The MailChimp integration automatically adds, moves, and removes email addresses and doesn't support an opt-in process. In fact, for email services that include double opt-in, we recommend disabling that feature so that the MM integration will work smoothly. If members choose not to opt-in this creates a situation in which mailing lists become out of sync with MM over time.


Yeah, but not having double opt-in is not legal... so I had to do it in a round-about way

The mailing list will become out of sync over time anyway, because members can "unsubscribe" from Mailchimp independently of their relationship with Membermouse. 

Hi Nick. What was your work around please, because I (along with everyone else in the Western Hemisphere) need to allow double opt-in for GRDP purposes.

I continue to use membermouse and mailchimp. maybe you could email me at with any recommendations you have?

It is difficult to explain it all and not user friendly. However, I have to do it sadly.

Basically I get members to sign up to my mailing list first, they double opt-in through the mail providers normal process. On the welcome email they are given a link to the MemberMouse sign up form which has a few url parameters... Something like this.

I then have a small piece of javascript on the sign up page that takes those URL parameters and sticks them into the sign up form.

So when the click the link on the welcome email, the javascript auto populates the form with their details. At this point you have two options...

1. You can have additional javascript code to auto submit the MemberMouse form.
2. You can ask users to confirm their details and submit the form themselves.

Option 1 may look a little weird to the user if they have a slow connection and they see the populated form auto submit before they are logged in. Option 2 may be a little annoying for the user as they have now had to visit three separate pages just to create a login to your site.

Feel free to email me if you need any help setting this up

Hello Everyone!

With the release of MemberMouse 2.2.8 the Confirmed Opt-In feature is now available in Mailchimp! If you have not already done so, you will need to upgrade to the latest version of MemberMouse in order to see the opt-in settings.

You can see more about this integration here: MailChimp Configuration.

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