http post create member

I'm looking to be able to create a member via http post in Infusionsoft.

I know there's a way to use email parser via zapier to make a connection from Membermouse to Infusionsoft. However, I want to send the create member params via http post FROM infusionsoft TO Membermouse. How would I do this?


WP Fusion lets you do this... It might be a little overkill if all you're trying to do is create users via HTTP Post (you could probably get a developer to do that in a couple of hours) but it has a lot of other features that you might find useful on top of that one.

MemberMouse provide the createMember API call as a means to create a member from a script:

However, there isn't a way to create a member via http post. The MM API is often called via a cURL instance:


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