Product Title in Sidebar Purchase Area Text Cut Off


Does anyone have any idea how I can fix a text styling error on purchase pages for a product (bundle or other) 

We have the Big Bang Theme installed - 

Please see the screenshot for a visual of what the issue is. The text for the product tittle is cut off - the top of the letters are missing. 


add following to your css stylesheet at mm_right_column 



Thanks kwh - I will give that a try. :) 


Hi kwh 

I've searched the stylesheet.css for my theme (using CTRL + F) and cannot find the text mm_right_column 

Would the styling for that element be in the plug in folder?

Many Thanks


In your theme folder find style.css

Insert this:

.mm_right_column {

 padding-top: 10px;


Also note that the product name is surrounded by <h2></h2> tags in the default checkout page template. This is optional and can be replaced by other tags that better fit the design of your site.


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