Product rebilling when I don't want it to!

Hi All, I need some help.

Some old devs initially set up our website to have a product which maps incorrectly and has a subscription payment built in. I now have around 40 people who purchased this product a year ago and are getting automatically renewed.

We want to remove the recurring payment product from their accounts and put them onto the right product.

How do I do that? 

Every time I try to cancel the subscription I get an error message which says "The profile ID is invalid". I also can't seem to delete the product because people have purchased it.


This error occurs with certain versions of PayPal - it's not something that MM has control over. If you're using an earlier version of MM, you can cancel the subscription from your PayPal account.

In version 2.2.5, an adjustment has been made to recognize when this error is returned and continue with account cancellation on the MM side anyway. This way, the fact that this error is occurring in PayPal won't result in people not being able to cancel the MM account.


Thanks Ed - sorted now. Thanks so much for your help!

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