Setup two payment options for a membership

I'm trying to figure out how to setup two options for a membership:

1/ $XXX for one-year access that auto-renews

2/ $XXX for one-year access that does NOT auto-renew (access expires at end of period)

The only difference is whether or not the membership auto-renews. 


The first product can be set up as a subscription. After a year, if rebilling fails, the subscription is canceled. So there is a built-in way of "expiring" the membership after a year if payment doesn't occur.

The second scenario is more complex even though the product is simpler: a one-time payment. If you were to associate this product with the same membership level as the other product, the result would be lifetime access for a single payment - there's not built-in expiration. The only way to add the requirement that access expires after a year is to create a membership level that expires and associate the product with that.

See the "Expiry Settings" section of this article:

Create a Membership Level

If you decide to create an expiring membership level, you can copy the drip content schedule from the original membership level into it:

Copy a Drip Content Schedule

Check this article for what happens when a member status changes to "Expired:"

Member Status Lifecycle


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