Difference between Rebill Payment Failed and Account Overdue

I have two push notifications, one for when a Rebill Payment Failed and one when the Account is Overdue. Yesterday, a customer triggered BOTH of these, and ideally I'd like only one to trigger (two emails is a bit strong). 

What is the difference between both of these triggers, and do you have guidance about how I can do this with just one?


When you look at the customer's Activity Log you will see that when they miss a payment, there are two events recorded, a Rebill Payment Fails and consequently their Status Changes to Overdue. 

Since both of those happen at that same time, initially, I agree, using both of these push notification would be a bit much. 

The way MM handles overdue accounts, is once the first rebill payment fails, we attempt to charge the member three more times over the course of a week. So, if you would like your members to be notified 4 times total over that 7 day period, to update their billing info, then you should use the Push Notification for "rebill payment failed." 

However, if you simply want to send them one reminder, then you will use the "Overdue" status notification.


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