Explain User Defined Pages

I'm trying to figure out what benefit "User defined pages" has. I don't quite understand the explaination as stated in the docs. Is this it pull in extra information? For example I'd love a notes field some where that I can apply notes to a customer, would this be what this is for? 


The User Defined Member Details Pages are primarily a way to customize the display of additional information. You can create a notes field by simply creating a custom field:

For a simple "notes" field you can create a field of the type "long text." You'll then see this in the Manage Members area in the Custom Fields column. If these are private notes, you can hide the field from the My Account page when you set it up.

Thanks for your answer. Can you give a use case example of the user defined pages then? 

Is there an example of this somewhere I could view?  

I would love to see some examples of how customers are using this feature.

Would a use example be: if I had a Member set up as a Vendor in a WooCommerce store, and I wanted to show that member's 'short profile' in a sidebar on the Product-page of an item which that vendor sells, I could put a User Defined Page in a widget?  Then when customers view a product specific to one vendor, that vendor's information could be displayed on the product's page?

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