Editing Confirmation Core Page

I've noticed that when I add my own custom text above the core page code (Confirmation page, for example) it loses the formatting. So when the confirmation displays during the order process, it's all jumbled together in one paragraph. How can I add text to the core pages without losing the formatting that is set in these Core pages?


The formatting on the confirmation page is most likely related to WordPress auto-paragraph. The WordPress auto-paragraph functionality can be very confusing. As a result of this MemberMouse attempts to avoid some of that confusion using some code to disable WordPress' auto-paragraph functionality on core pages. This works in most cases, however, other plugins and themes could also be attempting to do their own adjustments which can cause conflicts. It's seems like this may be happening to you. You can know for sure by using MemberMouse safe mode to disable all other plugins and use a default WordPress theme. 


I suggest that you remove MemberMouse from the equation by disabling our WordPress auto-paragraph functionality:

Once you've done this, you may consider using this plugin ( to control WordPress auto-paragraph functionality on a page by page basis.


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