Advice on Refund/Policy/Terms and Conditions for Membership Sites


Does anyone here in the community have any advice or experience they can share on setting up terms and conditions/refund policy for a membership site? For example, what are the legal requirements and how to accommodate those with an online membership site, given that customers can sign up from any country in the world etc? Do some membership sites only allow sign ups from specific countries and tailor their return policies to that region? 

Are there any examples we can refer to? 

Many Thanks! 

Terms and conditions for membership sites often depend on the type of membership being provided and so they vary quite a bit. For example, a health coaching site, a professional association, and a language-learning site will all have different requirements. The best thing to do is to research the typical terms and conditions, etc. for the kind of membership being offered.

You can then create a required custom field on your checkout page so that people can accept the terms and conditions on the site. See:


There are sites that offer standard terms and conditions/returns policies/warrantee policies etc.  You can usually customize them for your needs and then post them to your site.

This should get you started:

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