Dynamic conversion pixels on multipl OTO pages?

Anyone here using MemberMouse, Facebook and multiple OTO one click upsell/downsells in their checkout?

The problem I am running into is properly applying FB conversion pixels to my checkout funnel. Checkout after the cart is all one click upsells and looks like "Cart > oto1 > oto2 > oto3 > oto4 > Final Thank You"

So in that scenario otot1 thru oto4 can all be both a conversion or not a conversion depending on if a user said Yes or No to the oto.

Is there a way to dynamically add the proper tagging to each OTO page depending on if it is a conversion or not? Some kind of hook or something? Maybe even Google Tag Manager?

MM doesn't have a built-in way to track what is the final confirmation page visited in this scenario and to display the pixel accordingly. It will be interesting to discover if there is a 3rd party solution for this.


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