Pre- buy questions - can not create a ticket

I currently only create 1 off digital products for sale. I want to now offer upsells and downsells.

Can I offer access/downloads to single products or products and their upsells/downsells in the member area?

Can I do 1-click upsells/downsells of single digital products purchased?

Is there a page that will show the member all of their purchases (order history) and download links?

Do you integrate with Active Campaign?



 m not quite certain which scenario you are asking about, so I'll include both. 

If person has product with id1, then display the link to the download page for that product

[MM_Member_Decision purchasedProduct='1']

You can access your download <a href="">here</a>!



If person has product id1, then show them the upsell link to buy product id2

[MM_Member_Decision purchasedProduct='1']

<a href="[MM_Purchase_Link productId='2' bypassConfirmation='true']">1-Click Purchase (Bypass Confirmation)</a>



and you can always put both items in. 


As for where, these can be placed pretty much anywhere in WordPress.  I think you were asking specifically about the Member Home Core Page which is where users go after logging in.  To find it, you can go to Pages > All Pages > and you will see one with 'Member Home' in the Core Page Type column. 

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