File sharing plugin that works with membermouse

 Hi I run a music school and have member area. I dont have member mouse yet but am looking into it...

Currently if I need to send files outside of class I use dropbox. Its great as its simple and is basically drag and drop but I am having issues with it

1. Issues with it syncing with students folders

2. Students get confused with it as I have a private members area and a 3rd party application (dropbox)

I am looking to integrate the file sharing with the private members area so I am not sure if there is a really good AND simple to use plugin both for me and my clients or if this is something that could be done with membermouse


Since the MM plugin protects WordPress pages and posts, you will usually need to use further tools to control access to files linked on your protected pages. 

We have a number of customers who offer protected documents and the way they accomplish this is a combination of MemberMouse and a plugin that specializes in file download protection. There are a number of file download protection plugins and WordPress Download Manager ( is one we've seen our customers use. 

By using a plugin like this you'll be able to upload files and create download links. Next you'll use MemberMouse to protect the pages where you place these links so that only members with a particular membership level or bundle can access them. 


We have integrated Slack to work nicely with MM for these purposes.



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