Show members on non password page

Hi MembersMouse, Ive started to test membersmouse for dvca on and i have a question. My custumor would like to show all the members on a non password site on I would Like to have a list with all The members - 250 devided i 4 different categories. The should basically just be The Company names with a link to all the single Company details  Is that possible - and how to do that on a non password page? All The Best Jonas

This would be a type of "Member Directory" and MemberMouse is not setup to provide a "Member Directory" solution. To get this accomplished you will have to find a third party plugin that specializes in "Member Directories" such as BuddyPress or some other directory type plugin. 

Once you decide on a plugin and integrate it with your needs, to make that list viewable to everyone without protection, you will simply need to leave that directory page unprotected.


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