Wordpress Updates

When can we update to the most current version of Wordpress?  Do you send out notice?  Elaborate please.

We have a formal testing process that we use internally and we are currently testing compatibility with WP 4.6 in coordination with our next release. Once that release is available, we will email MM customers with details and release notes. The latest compatible version right now is WordPress 4.5.  You can always find the latest MemberMouse compatible version of WordPress in our WordPress Compatibility article.


Thanks Ed. Roughly how long does this testing process take? 

I'd like to second Chad's question which was posted a week ago.

I (and almost certainly a lot of others) get extremely anxious when WordPress release an update.

First, I am worried that the new WordPress version will break my existing Themes and Plug-ins. For that reason I am extremely grateful that MemberMouse test their plug-in so thoroughly and explicitly inform me when they are confident the plug-in is compatible.

Second, I always want to upgrade to the new version of WordPress as soon as humanly possible as new versions are often hailed as having improved security - and having my site hacked is something that is always a concern (it's happened to me before and caused no end of work and lost income).

So some statement about the amount of resources you put in to testing MemberMouse and why the process appears to take so long (considering beta versions of new WordPress versions exist many months prior to official release) would be welcome. Or, perhaps instead, some expert reassurance that there is no rush to install new WordPress versions for reasons of security.

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