WordPress Updates II

A previous thread ( concerning this has been marked as 'Answered' and has not received any MM love for two weeks. So I'm assuming MM support consider it complete and are no longer monitoring fresh posts to it.

As per my addition to that thread, I'd love to hear from MM concerning resources they dedicate to ensuring MM keeps up with WordPress.

WordPress release a roadmap which details future code developments. WordPress release nightly and regular beta builds of upcoming releases. This should give MM many months to ensure that MM is compatible with an upcoming release before that release is ever released.

Yet it still takes MM quite some time to release a version of MM that is confirmed to be compatible with any new public WordPress release.

With many hosting companies AUTOMATICALLY upgrading their clients' installations to the latest version (citing security as their motivator) my fear is that MM could break at any time causing MM users significant problems including loss of income.

Could we please be notified of MM's management's policy and attitude towards this subject.


Right now MM seems to be working on WP 4.6, but I was insanely nervous when I noticed my host updated WP to 4.6 automatically. 

We don't necessarily need a whole new update to MM, just a memo that says "yes, we tested it, it's compatible with WP x.x."

MM positions itself as the premium membership plugin in the market. It prices itself as one too. In spirit of that, having an area where MM customers can view current compatibility status, with updates/roadmap -- would go a VERY long way toward easing our concerns here.

It's a great plugin, just need to be quicker on the compatibility part -- as MM is literally where the money is for us -- if MM stops working, our business stops working.


Our development team follows the WordPress roadmap and tests beta builds prior to full releases. We update the WordPress compatibility of the MemberMouse plugin when we are certain that it is compatible. You can check the current compatibility for MM here:

For example, WordPress 4.7 was released in early December and the MM compatibility listed on the page above was updated to 4.7 at that time.


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