How do I keep primary pages public

 Hey, I was wondering how do I keep primary pages like: home, contact, about, pricing, and free report open for anybody to view without a membership? I don't want the primary information blocked as people would need to view that to make a purchasing decision. I've been through 3 different membership application and not one of them have offered a visitor, "no registration" section.  I've been trying to solve this problem for 5 days. Such a major set-back in progress. If anybody could help me; I'd gladly appreciate. I don't want visitors to get an error protected content message when they just want to know more about my products and services. I'd like them to view the home page and understand the services that I offer; sign-up for the free report if they want to know more, and then up sell them to a membership.


The short answer is that the default behavior of any post or page in MemberMouse is to be accessible to everyone. So any new page or post you create will be publicly accessible. The content protection is only engaged in MemberMouse by Protecting and Schedule Content.

If you follow the link above you'll find more information about how to restrict access to your pages and posts. Additionally, the article How Do I Create Content that is Not Protected? will provide additional guidance about using the Grant Access function in MemberMouse.

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