Want Coupons To Cancel Free Membership When Expired

Hi all, I hope I can get some help. I want to setup Member Mouse coupon so that a member can use MM on our site for one year, but once the coupon has expired so does the free membership. The free member is removed from free membership but we would like to invite them to become a paid member. Does anyone have any idea how I can achieve this? Thanks in advance Steve
You could accomplish this by creating a paid membership level with a 1 year expiration. Then create a product and a coupon.
See the "expiry settings" of this article:

Note that once a member's account expires, they will no longer be able to login until they purchase access again. See:

Restricting the date when a coupon can be used affects whether or not it can be applied to a purchase, but it won't affect the access purchased. You would need to set an expiration on that separately.


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