Active Campaign Integration

Great that MM now integrates with Active Campaign. 

I was wondering if there's a way to bring across more than just the Name and Email i.e. Post Address, and other fields. 

I was using a Zapier integration to bring it across now, but would prefer to use the MM>AC integration. 

Is there a way to do this now? 

Or is there a way to say, each week, export a csv from MM (with billing address, etc). Then import it to AC and match up with the user in AC. 

(Or if there's another way to do it in real time) 

I'd be keen to create an ongoing post with anyone else using Membermouse and ActiveCampaign, so we can help each other with best practices, hacks, etc. 


Currently, the new ActiveCampaign integration functions in the same way as the other email integrations in MM. If you need to pass along other information, your best bet would be to continue with the Zapier integration. However, MM has included Zapier as an option for push notifications:


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