Sending Auto Login links via MailChimp newsletters. Anyone found a way to do this?

Hello MemberMouse users. I discussed an idea with MM support and they said it would require some custom solution so I was wondering if anyone has done this before and would be willing to share...

We send out various newsletters via MailChimp to our members. Often times the newsletter has a link to our site in them. It would be great to be able to tack on that users "Auto Login" token so they can just follow the link and get logged in automatically and not have to worry about digging up their username and password.

(Our users really vary in technical skills and so sometimes remembering their login info is hard.)

Currently the only way to send out a link with the Auto Login token is to send the email via WordPress and use a special MemberMouse shortcode.

Anyone found a clever way to do this via MailChimp? Thx.

I would like to know this as well. 

Auto-login links are generated by the MM plugin on your site, and each auto-login link is connected to a single member account. You can include auto-login links in welcome emails and push notifications. When you email a purchase link to a member, MM also generates an auto-login link.

Because each link is generated for a particular member by the MM plugin on your site, there isn't a way to send them via an external email service.


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