Selling Annual Memberships in Bulk

We have a site that sells 3 levels of annual, individual memberships. (STARTER, PRO, COACH). Recently we've been asked for an organization if would could sell 10 COACH memberships to them so they can get their whole club on our program. 

I don't believe this feature exists, but was curious if anyone had an idea of a work-around or had gotten creative with this type of transaction or bulk membership product.

Thanks for your feedback,



Hi Aaron,

Though selling access to memberships in bulk is not currently a feature in MemberMouse, you may be able to meet your needs by using the 3rd party solution provided through the Groups Addon. With the Groups addon you can define different types of groups allowing customers to create their own group with a predefined number of seats and use a signup link so members can join their group. This makes it so that a single customer can pay for multiple seats and then members can join their group for free or for a price based on how you configure the group type. 

You can read more about this and how to set it up here:

I hope this is helpful!

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