Recurring Billing - PayPal - Guest Checkout

Has anyone figured out how to allow customers to buy a recurring subscription – using a credit card on PayPal?


For one-time purchases, PayPal lets users checkout as a “guest” – meaning they don’t have to sign in with a PayPal account.


But for recurring membership subscriptions, PayPal forces users to sign in or create an account.


I would love to let folks use their credit cards. 

The SSL and HTTPS that is required for Braintree and Stripe looks kind of scary. And Clickbank isn’t really an option either since some of my subscriptions are only $3/mo. Given the fees they charge, I would be left with very little.


Any advice?

Just as a followup - it looks like PayPal offers an addon known as "Enhanced Recurring Billing."  This paid feature allows you to accept credit cards w/o requiring the user to sign in with PayPal.

I was just curious if this feature works with MM?

Currently, MemberMouse only accepts subscription payments via PayPal for members with PayPal accounts. This is because in these situations, PayPal manages the subscription. PayPal's "Enhanced Recurring Billing" is not part of our integration with PayPal at this time, but I invite you to add it to our feature request forum:


cheers ed.  oh well.

is there an easier way to accept CC's.  I don't need it to happen on my own site.  I just want to remove as much friction as possible - both the user and for me.

The 2 articles below (about SSL and HTTPS setups)  scare the hell out of me.  I've already made too many customizations and such to risk messing up.  And I'm not terribly technical:

The good news is that my site isn't 100% live yet, so I'm not worried about losing SEO juice. But getting a dedicated IP and SSL - and configuring it all seems crazy daunting....and expensive - esp for a site that hasn't launched.

Anyway - thanks for your help so far.  Fingers crossed.

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