MemberMouse integration with Learndash


Has anyone managed to get MemberMouse fully integrated with LearnDash?


I have a LearnDash site and would like to use the MemberMouse plugin in order to take payment and enrol a user onto the relevant courses. The reason I want to use MemberMouse is that it will integrate with SamCart and this is what I really want to use.


I have installed the MemberMouse plugin on my site and it does recognise the LearnDash courses as 'Protected Categories' within the membership level setup. I've created a MM membership level that incorporates the courses as Protected Categories.


When running through the checkout process, the user does get automatically created within the WordPress backend. Unfortunately though it does not automatically enrol the user onto the chosen Learndash courses within the users profile. This part of the process is required so that LearnDash will allow the user access to the course.


I've seen another thread within these forums that someone managed to get a plugin developed that completed this final piece of the jigsaw, however there are no further details on this. Has anybody ever been able to get this functionality working?


Many thanks


Keep in mind that Samcart will keep any paypal subscriptions-- they won't be true paypal subscriptions but it will just recharge them. So, you can never leave Samcart without having all members using paypal to sign up again. Not sure about stripe.

Also you will lose membermouse functionality like self-serve cancels, etc. It's not a full integration with membermouse.

I wanted to make sure you're aware of the information we have for integrating the MM plugin with Learndash. MM is being used to protect courses in Learndash: Learning Management Software Vendors

The courses appear as content that can be protected by MM: Protect and Schedule Content

You may want to experiment with forgoing the built-in content protection provided by Learndash via enrollment, and just use a MM bundle to protect the content.

Note that Samcart created the integration with MM, so their support team will be your best resource for setting that up.


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