Problems with using MM with Divi WP

I'm after some help from the forum if anyone can give me some advice. I opened a ticket but the response was useless. Is anyone else having problems with trying to change the MM core pages using the DIVI theme??

Also - what the heck was the 'oh no what happened' page as I have been fiddling with this problem for so long that I've forgotten what it is supposed to say and now have a blank page!

Are you still having trouble with this?


We use Divi and MemberMouse with no problems. They work well together.

I thought followers/readers of this post would be interested to know about the Divi Layout Pack for MemberMouse. It replaces your default MemberMouse Core Pages with modern, responsive Divi compatible pages that look good with any style membership site.  Installing the layout pack takes only a couple of minutes, and when you’re done, you’ll be able to point, click, and edit your MemberMouse site with one of the most popular point-and-click theme builders available.  Here's a link to our blog post where you can take a peek at the pack and download!

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