Is there a way to send an email for users X days prior to their expiration date


is there anyway I can send a an email or perform specific action X days prior to a membership expiration date

I need a simple plugin or anything that can help me do this, something I can use and customize

for example, a script that search for expiration_date in database table mm_user_data see if it equals 10 days or less, if that is true then send email, if not then do nothing.

Currently, there isn't a built-in way to do this. However, you could look into this option:

Set up the MailChimp integration and add an autoresponder that is coordinated to send a reminder based on the expiry settings. See this discussion post:



@Ed Welsh, the link seem to be returning me to this page, can you please correct

Apologies - I've updated the link.


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