Your experience of stripe is appreciated


I have been looking at for payment processing in addition to Braintree as they both hold credit card details on file and so up/down sells work quite well with MM.

I have previousl created a braintree / MM site which was simple enough, however we found the braintree accounting system a bit over complicated in terms of working our what was settled and paid and when into the bank account. We could not find a way to match up what went through braintree and what actually settled in the bank account. As the numbers were only a few dollars out we didn't dwell on it too much and also as I handed the site over for the client to run themselves.

I am now considering MM for my own site and perhaps another client site, but now with a view of trying stripe instead.

However, there seem to be a very large number of very bad reviews especially about stripe holding customer and business owner funds, not settling or refunding them, and bad support.

This does not make sense as stripe are recommended by and are default payment processors of many reputable software developers including MM and 'seem' to have quite a good system. 

Has anyone used stripe for a long enough and who would like to let us know about their experience?

I thought Stripe looked great. 

Then when I started using them they did not send money to my bank account. After a few weeks, I had $8,000 in my Stripe balance and they would not release to my bank. There is no way to contact them. They have no phone number. They do not respond to requests. Finally, in desperation,  I filed a claim with the BBB in San Francisco. Shortly thereafter , they release my $8,000 with no explanation and no contact to me what so ever. 
I'm just glad I could survive those weeks without any income. Good luck.

Thank you for that Michael,
Real experience helps - anybody else's share of their experience would also be appreciated.
I'll consider other payment processors in the meantime.



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