Free member signup bots?

Has anyone experienced with lots of bots signing up with the free checkout? I'm trying to add captcha to the page to curb this but I always get a invalid captcha entry from membermouse (while the green check is there on the captcha).

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I am experiencing the same and cannot see a way where I can limit this.

I have been having this problem for months. I tried using the MM Captcha code but the page still submitted with it even if the user had not ticked the captcha box. I was told that the free sign-up page would work if the captcha code was also installed on the main checkout page - it was - and it made no difference. I gave up and have since removed the code from my pages. As a result I need to spend 15 minutes each day deleting the robot accounts. I have also set-up an auto-responder that emails the owner of the stolen email address that says 'We think your account was used by a bot to sign-up on our website and we have since unsubscribed you accordingly'. I did this because of the owners of several email accounts were unhappy that they received an email from my website on sign-up. 

MM support are fantastic but I have not made any progress with them on this issue.

Tim I fully agree, MM support is really amazing but I think this is really a pressing issue that needs addressing.

Any progress on this? I have to clear at least 10 members every day and it is a waste of my time and resources.

Answer Implementing captcha is still the recommended way to control spam sign-ups, and this is how most MM customers have accomplished this. Contact our support team if you would like assistance with setting up captcha.

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