Why is Membermouse is so frustrating to use?

It would be nice if Membermouse had a drag and drop functionality instead of forcing the user to mess with coding smart tags, attempting to hack around with [MM_Form type='custom'], [/MM_Form], dorking up the entire checkout page because tags aren't in the right order or closed off. 

This system has been frustrating to learn and stand up a simple system that creates a membership, charges a 1 time setup, and having recurring charges.  Yes, setting up the products and membership - no issues at all.  

I've spent 2 days running around between videos and posts.  I need to set up a 1 time fee along with recurring membership charges.  Through forum posts, I've learn you have to manipulate this by using "trial period" as this isn't available out of the box.  If you don't want to show the phantom "trial period" verbiage on the checkout page (since it isn't really a trial period), the user is required to setup a custom checkout page.  And here things take the turn for bad news.  Toss in needing to add a custom checkout field requirement for the new member to accept Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and you are in for a long day of hair pulling.

MemberMouses's checkout page looks fantastic (https://membermouse.com/checkout/).. why is this not already the defacto checkout template?  It really would be nice to have a fully drag and drop interface when inserting smarttags as well to remove the complexity of forms and checkouts.

I disagree 100%.  You're asking to do things with Membermouse (i.e. drag & drop page design) that it isn't meant to do.  Membermouse is not a page builder.  Membermouse is a membership management platform.  The default checkout pages are built using basic html.  If you have a rudimentary understanding of html, designing a decent looking checkout form shouldn't be an issue at all.  And if you don't, then there are tons of drag & drop page builders for wordpress that you can integrate with your site (check out Visual Composer, I use it on all my custom builds along with Membermouse).  

Furthemore, it's important to remember that not every use case is going to be the same as yours. The smarttags offer a massive amount of flexibility when it comes to designing/developing your forms, checkout & Membership management as a whole.  All it takes is a bit of time and patience to go through the docs to get familiar with the syntax.  Then if you're still having problems - it may be time for you to consider hiring a developer that's familiar with MM. 

After all, if you decide to upgrade the transmission on your car and can't figure out how to do it, are you going to blame Ford or GM for making it so "complicated" to build a transmission or are you going to contact a mechanic?  

Lastly, here's a quick fix to your issue with the privacy policy, TOC, etc on your checkout.    
- Create a "Check Box" custom field in the `Membermouse>Checkout Settings` for your TOC and your Privacy Policy

- Uncheck "Show on My Account Page" (this prevents your users from being able to change the custom field in their account settings).

In your checkout form, use the following smart-tag: 
`[MM_Form_Field type='custom' id='1' isRequired='true']`

Where `id='1'` is the id of your custom field.  Then just add whatever description text you want.  An example of the html using bootstrap would be something like this:  


<div class="row">
<div class="col-12">
<div class="mm-termsCheckout">[MM_Form_Field type='custom' id='1' isRequired='true']</div>
<div class="mm-termsLabel">
<p style="font-size: 10px;">I Agree to Terms & Conditions <a href="/terms-conditions">Terms &amp; Conditions</a></p>


You can do the same for a privacy policy as well. 

No, I’m going to agree with the original poster.  This is the most non-intuitive platform I’ve tried to use for memberships.  I’m on a trial right now and I have no idea if I’m going to stay or not.

I can only say that - so far – I’m not encouraged.  I’ve watched the videos multiple times and I cannot imagine that this is the simplest way for someone to assign access to pages/content.

Hi Jeremy, 

Looks like you posted this before reaching out to our support team to help you understand this situation further. That said, I see that you have since submitted a new support ticket, and are currently waiting on a response from you in that ticket. It is our pleasure to work this situation out with you :)

For anyone else who may feel defeated or like they have "tried everything possible", rest assured, anytime you suspect MemberMouse is not working as it should, the MemberMouse support team is always willing to help you work out the details. So make sure to submit a support ticket, whether you have "tried everything possible" or not, our support team would be happy to review the situation and let you know the best path to take each time.

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