Page Not Found on Login

Just want to see if anyone else has encountered this problem. When some (not all) of my members log in, they get a Page Not Found screen, which also says "click here to go to homepage." When we click that, we're taken to the member level core home page - just as configured in settings (thank you MemberMouse support!!). 

So we wind up getting where we want to go - but I can't figure out why we're getting the Page Not Found .  Any ideas?



Hi David, 

Often times this will occur if you have caching happening on your site in some instance, which WP Engine usually does. In order to resolve this, you will need to whitelist or exclude all pages with MemberMouse smarttags on them. This includes all core pages and home pages used by membermouse. Specifically in your case, the login page, and possibly the main URL depending on your setup. 

Here is an article regarding this information: Configuring WP Engine Hosting.

For more information, and/or for those users not on WP Engine, here is another very helpful article when it comes to configuring your server caching: Configuring Caching on Your Server

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