Is It Possible To Use ClickBank With MM?

I used to have an old sales system called DL Guard and ran an affiliate program through ClickBank.

Since Upgrading to MemberMouse and doing all sales through that, I find myself wondering if it is possible to promote my product through ClickBank anyl longer. Is this at all possible?



yes it is possible. I've done it with one of my site.

Thanks Antoine. So did you have to change the payment/checkout page compared to the default MM checkout page? 


You don't use the MM payment/checkout page. You use clickbank's own payment. You set it up so when there is a payment clickbank sends the info to MM and it creates the member,

Thanks. I appreciate that. Is there a tutorial by MM on how to do this? I'm definitely not enough of a techie to figure it out:-P.

Awesome! Thanks! I wonder why I couldn't find this. Oh well. I have it now. Cheers!


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