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 Hey everyone, so I started my membership site a few days ago and have been creating new web pages within Word Press(Optimize Press).

I noticed the pre-made core pages in the back office, I am just curious as to how these core pages fully integrate with our new content. Like if I make a sales page and people purchase from that page will the appropriate core page be triggered automatically to fully get my customers through the sales process??? or is this something I need to do manually.

If anyone can help me understand core pages and how they work I would be so grateful!! Thanks


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Hello Trent and April, 

In MemberMouse, when you create custom sales pages, as long as you use a MemberMouse Purchase Link as the link/button to start the sales process, then your core pages will indeed be triggered as necessary to complete the sales process. 

To get a better 
understanding of how MemberMouse works with Core Pages and more, I would recommend viewing the information outlined in the following two articles: 

MemberMouse Glossary of Core Features 

Getting Started MemberMouse Help Videos

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