I am using the MemberMouse plugin, which requires javascript links on some pages. I've determined that when JetPack is enabled, javascript links are being removed SENDING ME TO 404 ERRORS.

Even with all of the JETPACK user features disabled, the problem still remains.T he only way the problem goes away is if I deactivate JETPACK from wp-admin.

MemberMouse technical support was not able to help me... so far ---but suggested I send a message to JETPACK which I have done and am awaiting a reply.

MM did send me this link: The following support article provides more information about the security filter that the MemberMouse plugin needs to disable:  Getting 404 Errors When Clicking SmartTag Links. PLEASE NOTE: NOTHING IN THIS ARTICLE HELPED! I used safe mode to determine that JETPACK was the issue. I manually changed the function.php file as instructed -- and nothing helped!

Can anyone out there help me/ assist with locating and disabling the module/code or whatever it is in JetPack that is connected to this problem?

Any help would be very much appreciated I spent days on this issue --as I'm sure a lot of you have done with other issues--- and it is almost the worst thing ever -- sans your site going down without a backup!

Thank you!

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