How to Idiot-Proof the "Wizard" for New Members

Hi MM Community,


I have a problem that may or may not be fixable “thru” the MM plugin.


When I first on-load a new user, it is essential that they watch a HOW TO video before using my platform....otherwise, they'll run into problems or have questions (all of which are addressed in that video).


I’ve even placed that video on the member homepage, so it’s the first thing they see when they first login. I also added a “MUST WATCH” warning of sorts at the top of the page.


Out of 90 new signups, only 11 have watched the video.

It's frustrating.


Is there any way to idiot-proof this step so folks MUST watch the video (or at least must actively decide not to watch it instead of simply ignoring/missing it).


Perhaps I can create a 1st-time landing page for each user’s first login?


Or maybe there are some menu rules or short-codes that will allow me to “force” users to watch the video before moving forward?


Any other ideas are much appreciated.



I have a quick follow-up.

I did some practice signups as a new user. And I think I know where the problem lies.

When someone first signs up, they see a Confirmation page...instead of the member home page (which is where the "must watch" video exists).

So it looks like folks never actually go to the Member Homepage during the first login. They don't have to.

One solution is to post my MUST WATCH video on the confirmation page. In fact, I've done that. The formatting gets messed up quite a bit. But this is fixable.

Another solution is to require first-time users to manually login (which is a feature requested listed here -

Anyway - if u have other ideas, i'd love to hear them. Out of 120+ signups so far, less than 10% have watched my Must Watch video.

Hello Austin, 

To get more customers to interact with your video, here are the steps I would personally take: 

-Keep the video on the homepage

-Make the video prominent on the confirmation page (as you referenced already) 

-Send a link to the video in the Welcome Email (making sure to note it's importance)

-Use a 3rd party plugin to force the users to watch the video before viewing the content. -Here is what I found when I did a quick google search for force to watch video+wordpress plugin.

When it comes to the feature request to require first time users to login, please note that the functionality suggested is currently being reviewed for possible inclusion in a future update. If there is additional information on the progress/integration, the post that is linked will be updated to reflect that progress. (

I hope this is helpful! 

awesome lonnie. thanks for the quick turnaround. and thanks also for the very helpful comments. that "forced" plugin looks pretty cool.

cheers buddy.

hi lonnie,

thanks for the great feedback. the "forced" plugin looks awesome.

i'll follow all of your recommended steps.

cheers buddy.

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