Expert Memberouse Support


I am looking for someone to provide ongoing membermouse support, preferably with aweber and idevaffiliate knowledge for an existing membership website. 


I'm looking for something similar too. I just need a pro to setup my smart tags and upsell-downsell buttons. I've created the pages and will handle the content and look, but the tags and "path" is a little confusing. 

So come on, people. Where are our forum gurus? We need your help!


The MemberMouse support team is here to help with any questions you have about the plugin. We can point out relevant articles in our knowledge base, provide examples and explanations, and offer feedback on your setup. Feel free to open a support ticket for this kind of assistance.

We don't offer implementation services, but we do maintain a list of developers who can help:

Oh no, Ed, I totally get that. You guys shouldn't have to provide extraneous development support.

I think Chris and I are both looking for another member who happens to be well-versed to step in a offer some assistance. Peer-to-Peer support is the name of the game.

You guys are awesome, so keep doing what you do. We'll figure the rest of it out.

@Chris – shoot me an email because I have iDev running seamlessly and can help troubleshoot [ blake(at)blakehammerton(dot)com ]

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