send emails from registration form to different recipient


I have some pre-sales quiestions.

I have to build a Wordpress website of an organization that has subdivisions in different destinations. The membership fee is payable in each separate unit, i.e. the registration form should allow emails to be sent to the different executives of these subdivisions. We will not use payment gateway as a PayPal, we pay only by bank transfer. 

1. Is it possible to customize Member Mouse so that send emails from registration to different recipient, like

It is possible to customize the plugin Contact form 7 to this functionality. 

2. Is membership plugin compatible with Contact form 7?



I use Gravity forms exclusively on my sites because I can pretty much do anything with it. You can select different recipients based on the divisions of the company, for example. 

ContactForms7 can also do that. The Drop-down menu you have for "partners" can tell the form who the recipient needs to be based on the user's selection. Gravity does the same thing.

If you need more help outside MM or your forms, you can have the basic recipient change to your email and use a parsing and resending service (app) through Zapier.

The possibilities are endless!


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