Latest solution for accepting check / offline payments?

Hello. I searched the forum here and the last discussion of this is 2-3 years old so I wanted to bring it up again.

Let's say someone pays via check for a yearly membership:

1. How can I set up a product that expires after one-year and emails the user to ask them to pay again?

2. How can I enter this payment in so that it's not treated as "complimentary?"


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 MM can only track payments made via a supported payment method. Some MM customers choose to accept other forms of payment which they track themselves. Here are some suggestions for how you might set up a membership level for this purpose:

1. Create a free membership level that expires after 1 year.
2. Copy the access rights from a paid membership level into the free membership level: Copy a Drip Content Schedule
3. Set up a push notification triggered by an "account status changed" = "expired" event, so that an email is sent to the member letting them know they will need to pay again. See: Using Push Notifications
4. When you receive a check from the member, you can manually activate the account via Manage Members.

The push notification email could include a purchase link to give the member an opportunity to pay using a supported payment method.

Thanks for the idea, Ed. I'm going to share my alternate idea for handling this in case it's helpful to others:

Give the member complimentary access to the paid membership level and set up a free bundle that's only purpose is to expire after 1 year (or however long). And use a membermouse hook to cancel the membership when that bundle expires. (requires writing some php code)

This doesn't address the issue of tracking the payment. But it does address the issue of the accounting needing to expire in 1 year.

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