Non Tech Newbie - Using MM and Page Builder

So I"m brand new to MM. 

I want to integrate it with Clickbank and a Page Builder like Thrive or Beaver Builder.

I'm selling multiple infoproducts through a funnel that has 3 upsells. 

I need MM to recognize which upsells have been purchased through clickbank processor and give access to those products in MM (but also show products that have not yet been purchased). (None of it is subscription based)

What is the best setup configuration?

1. Do I put MM on a subdomain?

2. Do I set it up on the domain like in the beginning instructions?

3. If I do that, how does the page builder pages become the home page of the site?

I'm not a tech person so I'm missing some basic understanding of how this works.

Thanks for your help in advance.

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