Allow Admin to Bypass all Protection

MemberMouse preview ability enhancement idea submitted to the Idea Board by JK S:

Currently you have to use the preview bar when logged in as an admin to switch between different content levels. While this is cool for development it's not really ideal for day to day usage. By default any wp admin account should be able to bypass all content protection so they can see everything at all times. This would allow us to only use the preview bar when we want to check different access levels while developing or setting up content access.

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totally agree!

+1 for the above idea...

Currently, it's challenging to compose posts in Categories that are restricted/protected without using two separate web browsers (i.e. Chrome for composing posts and Firefox for browsing them via a separate, non-Admin account)


+10 for this idea, indeed. 

totally didn't expect to not have full access to the entire site as an administrator... that really messes with the workflow. 

Please do something to implement this idea.  This is such a turn-off with this plug-in.  Why should you have to go through so many steps to see the content your creating?    

Lets get it done!  this drives me NUTS

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