Merge Member Accounts

AndreC wrote in to suggest the ability to merge two accounts into one:

Although it's not super common - we do get a few customers each month that, for whatever reason, purchase a new product using a different email, so the system creates another account for them.

This isn't a great experience for the customer as they end up with different logins for different products. Maybe MemberMouse can add a handy feature that "merges" two accounts together - this way the customer gets one login to access everything, even when they mistakenly create two separate accounts. 

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We sell stand-alone Courses as well as Memberships. Once a quarter or so we have a member that buys a Course and creates a new member account, by accident. Then they reach out to try and get both accounts merged (and get purchases from one account properly tracked on their primary account). We'd love to do this for them so they can get all their Invoices from one account and not have to bounce between accounts.

Plus, merging will help avoid sending multiple emails from our mailings lists, etc.

- pi

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