No Refund/Credit in PayPal for Member Switching to Different Membership Level

I just had a member ask to switch to a different membership level, which involves refunding a small amount of money back ($29 — the difference between the two $199 and $170 annual plans). I went through MM, manually changed his level, and copy/pasted the "Auto login Checkout link" in the payment window and emailed him the link. The customer successfully clicked the link and changed levels.

I checked his MM account, and his only transaction is listed as the previous annual $199, and his (current) subscription he is subscribed to is now listed as the $170 plan. He paid before using PayPal. I just signed into my PayPal account, and I see where it cancelled the old "$199 recurring" plan, and created the new and correct "$170 plan" that he will be rebilled for next year.

All seems great, except, PayPal doesn't appear to have issued him the refund of $29 for the difference in the two plans. 

Is it not possible for this PayPal refund to have been automated through this process? Do I always need to issue a refund manually through PayPal (or even Stripe, my other payment provide I use) when people switch levels? I've never manually issued a refund on PayPal's website so I'm not sure how to do so.


I received this answer from Lonnie via a support ticket. So, this answers my question. Here's her response for anyone else looking for this answer:

"Any refunds processed, will need to be manually triggered. In MemberMouse, you can Issue a full Refund, but you cannot issue a partial refund. Regardless of the amount, it still must be manually triggered. 

If you would like to issue a partial refund via paypal, their support team would be best suited to walk you through the paypal refunding process. 

I hope this is helpful! :)"

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