Invoice members for a seperate charge (outside of membership plan)

I am trying to figure out if it is possible to invoice members for a separate charge outside of their monthly membership fee. For example, our members are also able to rent rooms in our physical space. I need the capacity to invoice them for these room rentals. It won't be a standard price (for example, it doesn't work to create other "products" every time we need to invoice someone because they will be for different amounts based on the rental.) 

Is there a way to create and assign invoices within the MemberMouse system?


Did you integrate MemberMouse with Stripe? I would solve this problem by creating an invoice inside Stripe or PayPal or whatever payment processor you've integrated with MemberMouse. 

I have Stripe for example and if I want to charge for a consulting session (I only sell courses), I'll create invoices using Stripe. It's easy because all the customers in MemberMouse are also saved in Stripe automatically so I can just search for their email address and create a quick invoice. 

I hope this helps.

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