Any updates in advance of Wordpress 5.0 (a.k.a Gutenberg?) - I feel like we need some kind of update from the MemberMouse team on this. Thanks


We test every new WordPress release against MemberMouse prior to asserting compatibility in our WordPress Compatibility article (

Since Gutenberg was released we have been doing background testing and running it separately against MM without issue. Once the release candidate for 5.0 is available (currently on October 30) we will start our rounds of QA testing so that we can provide further updates as necessary prior to the full release of 5.0.

I hope this is helpful! :) 

So any further updates?

Sure, Nick. As you can see in the WordPress Compatibility article, MemberMouse has been tested against and is compatible with 5.0. Based on the UX changes that were made with Gutenberg, if you are using 5.0 there are some changes you will notice in MemberMouse. We have detailed what these are and how to work with them in What can I expect if I upgrade to WordPress 5.0?

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