How to set initial pricing fees diffrenet from monthly recurring fees?

Suppose in my site I have a package named "Package A". When a buyer buys "Package A" they will be charged $300 for the first month then from next month the monthly recurring fees will be $100. That means monthly recurring fees will be different from initial fees for a package. Is that possible with Membermouse plugin? If yes then how to do that?? 

Hi Rebeya,

Thanks for your question. Yes this is possible with MemberMouse. What you would want to do is set up a monthly recurring product with a paid trial period. The cost of the trial period would be $300 and the cost of the subscription would be $100. You would associate it with whichever membership level or bundle this purchase gives them access to. I've provided a screenshot of what your product setup would look like (minus the associated access).

For more information about products you can review the articles: Products Overview and Create a Product

This is the only "hacky" way that I've been able to figure it out as well. Not ideal really. What if you want to offer a free trial too? 

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