Amazon pay


Did anyone integrate Membermouse with Amazon Pay?

What's the best way to go? 

Wondering if there will be such an integration in the future.


Communications Edge Inc. Team

There does not seem to be any integrations on the horizon. Membermouse hasn't been updated for more than a year. Still on 2.2.7.

We are in 2019 and Apple Pay is a must! Yet there is no help on this front! We even offered to build it ourselves but they aren't giving us any answers.

Agree, Jeff. I am a huge MemberMouse fan and cannot see myself giving it up. We are building our business on it -- and are investing increasingly in MMouse. This is the one issue I am stunned the company isn't (at least) talking about. Maybe Eric Turnnessen wants us to show up at Office Hours and complain about it? I don't think that's going to please him and that's not what that forum is for.

I agree! Any updates?

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