Is there a way I can integrate Yotpo

Yotpo give legitimate reviews on sites and is an independent integration. Can I integrate my wordpress membership with this?

or is there any other review console more suitable for MemberMouse?



Hi Nancy,

When you say "integration," are you asking if they can be used on the same site? Or, are you asking if they can exchange information?

There is no integration between Yotpo and MemberMouse, but there may not need to be. Integrations are only necessary when data must be relayed between two platforms or services, and there seems to be very little overlap in the features of our platforms. Was there some way that you envisioned Yotpo and MemberMouse interacting on your site?

From what I can tell, Yotpo does not offer a standalone WordPress plug-in. Instead, Yotpo plug-ins are used to extend another platform. For customers using WordPress, that would seem to mean WooCommerce. MemberMouse and WooCommerce can coexist in the same WordPress installation, and there is a third-party plug-in called MemberMouse WooCommerce Plus to integrate them. None of us in support can remember encountering a customer using Yotpo, WooCommerce, and MemberMouse together, but I see no obvious reason why you couldn't do it.

Let me know if there's anything I can clarify for you.



Ah thank you John, you was very clear. Thanks for informing me about  MemberMouse WooCommerce Plus 

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