Password resets?

Is anybody else having issues with the latest update of member mouse? I have been contacted by several users who have tried to do password resets. They are prompted to create a password with greater than eight characters. Even when they do, the new password is not excepted. Any ideas?

Hi Gary, 

Sorry for any inconvenience the original upgrade caused!

This issue has been resolved and anyone now running the latest version of 2.2.9 will not encounter this problem with passwords.

is there an option to simply not require 8 characters?

Hi Austin, 

It is important that passwords are secure. We have included the updated password security in the latest version of MemberMouse 2.2.9 to help with that security. 

There is not currently an option to disable the password security option included in the latest release. That said, you can always stay on the previous version 2.2.8 if you do not want to use the features and fixes included with 2.2.9. 

I hope this is helpful :) 

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