Add an option to buy a subscription on top of membership when checking out


Here's the scenario:

Offering 3 different memberships. On top of that, members can also opt in to receiving 2 different magazines by post as opposed to the default of receiving them via email. I'm calling them x magazine and Y magazine.

To purchase X magazine is a flat rate of $15 per year. Y magazine has a concession amount - $15 for concession card holders and $20 for non concession card holders.

Can MemberPress handle this?


Thanks for your interest!

I'm not sure if MemberPress can handle this, but MemberMouse can, no problem. :)

I'm converting this into a ticket so that our support team can sketch out the setup for you in more detail.


Meant to say MemberMouse! Am using MemberPress at the moment, hence the wrong word :P


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